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In cooperation with the Municipality of Aegina, the Syllogos Energon Politon Aiginas (Association of Active Citizens of Aegina) and the Syllogos ANAVASI (ANAVASI – Greek Cycling and Hiking Association of Aegina) we are implementing the programme PATHS OF CULTURE on the island: a network of 9 hiking and cycling routes, offering visitors an opportunity to experience and protect a beautiful landscape of unspoilt nature, unique local products and rich history.

Arrow 1 Mountain Ellanion

Arrow 2 Sfentouri – Eleonas

Arrow 3 Eleonas (Ancient Οlive Grove)

Arrow 4 Chrysoleontissa

Arrow 5 In the East of Aegina

Arrow 6 Mythical Asopοs

Arrow 7 Paleachora

Arrow 8 Bicycle Ride in the woods

Arrow 9 Aphaia Temple

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