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ELLINIKI ETAIRIA – Society for the Environment & Cultural Heritage – which celebrates 43 years of continuous action for the preservation of the environment and cultural heritage – aims to give new life to still surviving paths of particular natural beauty and historical importance with its programme “Paths of Culture”.

Since 1972 ELLINIKI ETAIRIA has fought many battles for the protection of our environment and cultural heritage. Many of them have met with success, thanks to the support and cooperation of sponsors, scientists, volunteers, members and friends.

To continue – in these hard times – we rely on the support of all those who share our values and want to contribute to the relaization of our goals.

Please, support with the amount of your choice the integrated programme Paths of Culture, or its implementation in a specific area of your preference.

a/ by making a Paypal donation

b/ by contacting us at +30 – 210 – 32 25 245 (ext. 2) /

Together we can achieve more for the preservation of the unique natural beauty and cultural heritage of our country, our true wealth!

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210 – 32 25 245 (ext. 2) /

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