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Flanked by two gulfs, the Saronic and the Argolic, the land of Epidaurus is a blessed region of natural beauty and with a long historic heritage.

Travellers take a journey into myth and history, along the rocky, wooded slopes of Mount Arachnaion, the breathtaking beaches and sheltered creeks with fishing boats and sailboats. Fortresses, ancient roads with bridges and guard posts, tombs, Byzantine churches, imposing theatres and impressive monuments make up the “canvas” of the region of Epidaurus.

ELLINIKI ETAIRIA – Society for the Environment and Cultural Heritage in collaboration with the Municipality of Epidaurus, is implementing the project “Paths of Culture”, which involves selecting and signposting a series of routes, offering visitors an opportunity to discover a beautiful landscape and explore the timeless Greek theatrical heritage.

Arrow 1 Sanctuary of Asklepios (Circular Route)

Arrow 2 Ligourio (Circular Route)

Arrow 3 Ancient Street Ligourio

Arrow 4 Ligourio – Ancient Epidaurus

Arrow 5 Arcadiko – Mycenaean Path

Arrow 6 Arcadiko – Foniskou Castle

Arrow 7 Ancient Epidaurus (Circular Route)

Arrow 8 Ancient Epidaurus – Polemarha

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  • Andrew Pywell Friday August 31st, 2018 at 10:45 AM


    My wife and I walked the “Arcadian – Mycenaean Route” in April.It was well signposted but very overgrown and in some places the thorns were so thick that we almost gave up!

    We will be back in October and want to walk the “Ancient Ligouriou Street”. Is this walk signposted?? We love walking in woods/forest, are there any other walks we should try? We will have our dog with us.




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