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The landscape of Sikinos is bare and imposing and here the authentic beauty of the Aegean has been preserved unspoiled.

ELLINIKI ETAIRIA – Society for the Environment and Cultural Heritage, in cooperation with the Municipality of Sikinos, has undertaken the implementation of the project “Paths of Culture”, selecting and signposting a network of paths and offering the visitor the chance to discover, as well as protect, this primeval landscape.

Arrow 1 Chorio – Episkopi – Manalis Well – St. Panteleimon – Alopronia

Arrow 2 Chorio – Episkopi – St. Panteleimon – St. Dimitrios – Chorio

Arrow 3 Castro – St. Vlasios – Bonama spring – Pyrgari – Alopronia

Arrow 4 Castro – Monastery – Prof. Ilias – Aghia Triada – Malta beach

Arrow 5 Castro – Deutera Parousia – St. Fotini – St. John – Castro

Arrow 6 Episkopi – Aghia Marina

Arrow 7 Chorio – St. Dimitrios – Katergo – Alopronia

The project was implemented by the “Paths of Culture” Programme and the “Sustainable Aegean” Programme of the ELLINIKI ETAIRIA – Society for the Environment & Cultural Heritage.

Research & implementation: Michael Antypas

Coordination: Katerina Stebili & Miltiades Lazoglou 

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