Keramoti – Nestos Delta (cycle route) Posted May 14, 2019 by monopati


Bicycle Distance16,4 km. Distance Time1 hour 45 mins

Degree of difficulty:  easy (1/4)

Starting from the Nestos Delta Information Centre, we follow an asphalt road north towards the village of Chaidefto. Then we leave the central provincial network and turn right towards Monastiraki village. We go through this small village and continue on a dirt road heading east. A rich irrigation system with canals and ditches spreads out before us and waters the fertile crops with water from the Nestos River. We cross fertile land that man only “conquered”, seventy years ago, “plundering” the natural wilderness of the Great Forest beside the Nestos River (Kotza Orman). After following a straight line for 2 km, we turn right, parallel to the wire fence that protects the Great Forest. On our left, within the fenced area, we can see the Nestos Visitor Reception Centre run by the municipality of Nestos and after a short distance, at the end of the fence, we find ourselves at the embankments the River Nestos. We cycle south towards the River Delta. The vegetation on the riverside is made up of poplar trees, alder trees, elms, willows, narrow-leafed ash, elder trees and dwarf pines, as well as ivy, common hops and wild climbing plants. These plants climb up and become entwined, creating impenetrable plant communities which are home to wild boars, jackals, otters, beavers, pheasants, eagles and bee-eaters. Even though he has been wounded, the ancient life-giving river stretches out a net of protection. As we approach the River Delta, the vegetation changes and we encounter saltwater and dune ecosystems. The route ends at the estuary of the river, on its western bank, where we can see the vast Thracian Sea. The estuary is an ideal point to observe wildlife and rare birds. We must be particularly careful and quiet on the last section of the route, from the embankments to the estuary, as the route is in the 1st Protection Zone of the Eastern Macedonia and Thrace National Park.

Points of interest
Eastern Macedonia and Thrace Nestos Delta National Park Information, Nestos River, Great Forest (Kotza Orman), Nestos Visitor Reception Centre, Shrubs and seawater vegetation in the estuary, Biodiversity of ecosystems and species.

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