Stavroupoli – Kato Karyofyto Posted April 10, 2019 by monopati


Walking Distance11.6 km Distance Time4 hours 25′


Degree of difficulty:  medium (2/4)

Minimum height above sea level = 91 m. / Maximum height above sea level = 581 m.

79% of the route is on dirt paths

The leg of the trail from Stavroupoli to Kato Karyofyto is the key section which connects the entire route. Starting out from Stavroupoli, we walk along lanes to reach the Kastanitiou stream. From here, the route follows the old path from Maika which leads smoothly uphill alongside the Kastanitiou stream.

The path is marked, and is paved in places. The path wanders through small gorges and eventually joins the route of the main gorge. The bed of the gorge is smooth and steady, and has no water except during heavy rainfall. We walk along the gorge for a few hundred meters, and then leave it to climb a relatively steep slope, leading to a dirt track, where there is a water trough.

From the water trough, we follow a dirt road and a trail, skirting a large stable and continuing on a clear path leading to the Xanthos ridge and from there to the view point on Xanthos hill, to the west of Kalo Nero. We can explore the ruins of Kalo Nero from the lower road, passing by a beautiful water fountain, and we then join a clear path which leads to Kato Karyofyto. We alternate between roads and paths until we reach the edge of the village and take a short cut along a donkey trail which crosses the fine single arched Agios Ioannis bridge. We arrive on the central road in Kato Karyofyto. Ano Karyofyto,
which was destroyed during the Second World War, is just a short distance away.

Accommodation & dining

There is both accommodation and restaurants, tavernas and cafes in Stavroupoli.

There is NO accommodation, restaurants, tavernas or cafes in Kato Karyofyto. Walkers will have to go to nearby Ano Karyofyto (about 1300 m), where there are taverns and cafes, and arrange with their accommodation to be driven to Kato Karyofyto.

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