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Walking Distance10.7 km Distance Time4 hours 32′


Degree of difficulty:  easy (1/4)


Minimum height above sea level = 21 m. / Maximum height above sea level = 510 m.

60% of the route is on paved kalderimi (donkey tracks) or clear paths

A short route that follows sections of historic old paths, wherever they have survived the development of the newer rural road network. We set off from the abandoned settlement of Kromniko and follow a clear downhill path through a dense forest of mixed deciduous trees.

Soon the path becomes a stone kalderimi (donkey track) and then meets the central asphalt road leading from Galani to Komnina. From here, the route follows the dirt track downhill through an agricultural landscape, skirting round Komnina. After passing the village, a small part of the route runs on an old stone-build road through the forest.

The route then follows rural dirt roads and reaches the monastery of St Konstantinos and St Eleni to the southwest of Komnina. The monastery was built in 1947 on the ruins of an old church which two women from Komnina saw in a dream. This older church had been built in Justinian times, in memory of St Margaret the Virgin, along with the “Frourio Kalai” (Good Fort) which is on a nearby hill. Five centuries later, the Ottomans set fire to it and destroyed the Monastery.

On your west is the Komnina railway station where, in May 1959, the inhabitants stopped the Oriental Express for several hours (a first!), because their tobacco had not been bought. After a few hundred meters you will reach arable land, (Valto), on the banks of the Nestos. You then follow dirt roads and a path along the river to the road bridge and then take the road to the central square of Stavroupoli.

Accommodation & dining

There is accommodation and restaurants, tavernas and cafes in Stavroupoli and Komnina.

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