Xanthi – Kromniko Posted April 10, 2019 by monopati


Walking Distance19 km Distance Time8 hours


Degree of difficulty:  medium (2/4)

Minimum height above sea level = 78 m. / Maximum height above sea level = 1018 μ.

70% of the route is along traditional Kalderimi (cobbled or paved donkey trails) or clear paths


The route starts from the main square of Xanthi (in order to avoid crossing through the city) and climbs up to the Xanthi Ecclesiastical School following alleyways and well defined paths, winds round the foothills of Avgo mountain until it reaches the old Xanthi Casino building and then descends to the upper part of Chrysa. Here the route joins the old trail, which initially leads into a rugged limestone area. We follow the trench for the water pipe for a little, but we soon break away from and climb upwards and find ourselves on the old donkey track. Gradually the ground becomes smoother. We go through a large beech forest, passing various forks in the path and meadows and seeing the sites of old workshops etc. We then arrive at the Achlada Plateau (Achlad-Dere), where we find a water trough and can see that the area is used for livestock farming.

From Achlada, we continue on through scattered beech trees on a path that initially follows a clear, open ravine with pebbles. Gradually the path enters a rocky plain and becomes more distinct. We walk round a large karst basin with a meadow and reach a large area with a meadow. From now on, the route takes us downhill into a forest of young oaks with a considerable amount of undergrowth. The path is clear, wide and mostly follows a dirt track, with large sections having a stone under layer which is damaged in places. This section continues without branching off the main path at any point until it reaches the upper part of Kromniko at the asphalt road. Crossing the Toxotes-Komnina road we find the only building that remains standing, the church and a gazebo in its courtyard where we can rest for a while. Unfortunately, there is not always water in the taps lower down in the village.

Accommodation & dining

There are many hotels and many restaurants/tavernas/cafes in Xanthi. There is NO accommodation or restaurants/taverns/cafes in Kromniko. The village has been uninhabited since the 1980s, but we hope it will change in the future. Walkers will have to go to Stavroupoli and get in touch with their accommodation so they can get to Kromniko by car.

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