04C |Christos (Church of Christ) – Kouriat Posted December 13, 2018 by monopati


Walking Distance2.9 km Distance Time3 hours 45 min

Degree of difficulty: difficult

Start: ruins of the Palaeo-Byzantine Church of Christ

See: A path full of surprises but relatively difficult which reaches a peak of 467 m. It starts from the ruins of the Palaeo-Byzantine Church of Christ, restored by the Samothrace Archaeological Services, where circuit 04A leads. It continues along a dirt road on the left towards the east to the Kardeli stream. As you climb, the view of the sea becomes more and more beautiful, and the rise, through dense vegetation, more and more difficult. Soon, the view of the Platia torrent compensates you for the pain. You arrive at a rock and climb it almost vertically. Then comes a rough rise but the panorama discovered as you go along on the stream and the sea immediately makes you forget the difficulty of the climb. When you arrive at Kouriat, the beauty of the waterfall and the Vathra river that opens at the bottom of it appears as a reward at the end of this demanding journey.

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