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In cooperation with the Municipality of Samothrace and the Hellenic Cultural Centre in Paris (Centre Hellenique Culturel), we are implementing the programme PATHS OF CULTURE in Samothrace.

The Samothrace paths are routes that have been built up over the centuries. Their purpose was to bring cities, villages and people together and bring them closer together. Over time, and with the implementation of modern road networks, many paths have been abandoned; some sections have completely disappeared, buried under dense vegetation, others have been destroyed by bad weather. But the development of the natural landscape at the expense of paths has given rise to idyllic landscapes on their former route, of unparalleled beauty, which now invite us to explore them again.
We cannot remain deaf to their call, which is why we are now starting to rehabilitate the Samothrace paths and restore their functionality so that they can be used by visitors, hikers and climbers from all over the world, nature lovers and alternative tourism enthusiasts.
Let’s discover them one by one.

Arrow 01 |Chora – Korakia – Askamnes – Agianémi – Koufopétro

Arrow 02 |Makryliès – Xiropotamos Falls

Arrow 03 |Paleopolis Discovery Trail

Arrow 04A |Therma – Gria Vathra – Christos (Church of Christ)

Arrow 04B |Gria Vathra- 7th – 8th Vathra and junction to 4th Vathra

Arrow 04C |Christos (Church of Christ) – Kouriat

Arrow 05A |Parking – Fonias Fall – Kleidossi (Fonias Trail)

Arrow 05B |Detour of the Fonias trail through the old town of Zérintheion

Arrow 05C |Parking – Fonias Tower

Arrow 06A |Ano Méria – Koufouklio – Karya – Fonias Springs

Arrow 07 |Panaghia Krimniotissa – Aghia Thékla

Arrow E6 |Therma – Fengari Peak

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