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The island of Samothrace is known mostly for the world-famous statue of the Winged Nike in the Louvre Museum. Samothrace is also a small, magical island in the north Aegean sea, blessed with amazing waterfalls, lakes, beautiful forests and unique monuments!

What better way to discover this unique natural environment than hiking!

The SAMOTHRACE WALK WITH ME initiative aims to give new life to ancient paths of particular natural beauty and historical importance by implementing the “Greek Paths of Culture” programme.

This programme is a unique collaboration between the Hellenic Cultural Centre of Paris (CCHEL), ELLINIKI ETAIRIA – Society for the Environment and Cultural Heritage, the Municipality of Samothrace and the Friends of the Louvre.

We invite you to join this campaign to restore the paths of Samothrace!


The crowdfunding initiative has been on-line since May 28th and will be active for the next 60 days!

Let’s join forces for the birthplace of the Winged Nike,
the beautiful island of Samothrace!

For further information on the crowdfunding campaign, please visit:
http: Samothrakiwalkwithme.com

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