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  1. Galani – Kromniko

      Degree of difficulty:  easy (1/4)  Minimum height above sea level = 49 m. / Maximum height above sea level = 515 m. Approximately 93%…

  2. Nestos-Rodopi Trail

    The programme Paths of Culture in Thrace started, in coopearation with the Municipality of Xanthi, with the development of a continuous trail of around 70km.,…

  3. The “Greek Paths of Culture” in Samothrace! Join the Crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter!

    The CROWDFUNDING initiative ”SAMOTHRACE WALK WITH ME” is on- line on Kickstarter! The island of Samothrace is known mostly for the world-famous statue of…

  4. “TourNatur 2015” on 04-06 September

    The “Paths of Culture” in cooperation with the Region of Peloponnese participate in the International Fair of Alternative Tourism “TourNatur 2015“, for the presentation of…

  5. Koufonisi K1 Chora – Pori – Chora
  6. Kato Koufonisi K2 Panagia – Nero Beach
  7. Iraklia H4 Panagia Merihas
  8. Iraklia H2 Ag. Athanasios – Ag. Georgios
  9. Iraklia H1 Panagia – Cave Ai Gianni
  10. Iraklia H3 Panagia – Papas